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What I believe in

Making talent into sustainable businesses with solid strategies that enable growth, and putting the creative process first.

Who I Am

Hi! I’m Sonia and I’m here to help you define your goals. My journey in the entertainment industry started at just 4 years old. By 14, I had landed a development deal with Dreamworks Records and before turning 21, I had shared spaces with Grammy winners and Opera legends. In maintaining a 25+ year career as a performer, commercial advert studio talent, and composer, I experienced building a strong administrative foundation vital to sustaining a viable, revenue-driving career. Now, I help creatives like you build and scale their passions into businesses.

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What I Do

I start by auditing client operations then create a customized action plan. When clients invest in me, I invest right back in sweat equity by rolling up my sleeves and digging into their process. I know too well that out-of-the-box solutions that work for other industries don’t work for creatives. I know us. We need creative workflows that can flex, ebb and flow with us, instead of us trying to force ourselves into a non-organic organizational routine. This is where I come in as an admin generalist, detailed observer, empathic strategy partner, and fellow artist. Having worked with independents and major labels, artists and studios, I use my experience to build operational foundations that scale up and enable growth.

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